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Hello humans. My name is Will Song and I'm a 3rd year at UIUC studying math and computer science. My current academic interests revolve around algebraic and analytic number theory, algebraic topology, and category theory. While applied mathematicians may make more money on average, I have no need to indulge in trivial frivolities.

I wish I was at least a co-author for a paper by now, but alas, I am not that smart, so I can't link anything exciting that I've done. On the other hand, I have given/plan to give the following talks.

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I also hold an interest in offensive security. I have participated in events and gotten awards such as: Other hobbies include watching large amounts of anime, and playing CS:GO and Riichi Mahjong.
I am also a huge advocate of personal privacy and would like to urge users to protect their communications and data from certain multi-billion dollar agencies. When the citizens fear their government, actions must be taken to ensure power is not abused.

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Self advertisement pages would be pretty useless without a list of skills right?

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