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Hey. I'm Will. I am now a software/security engineer at Trail of Bits focusing on the development of echidna and comprehensive reviews of cryptographic protocols. Once upon a time I was a student at UIUC and studied mathematics and computer science. While I am currently still interested in learning mathematics, not getting fired from my current job is a priority. My interests include, but are not limited to, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, number theory, and MPC/ZK. If you would like to contact me, email is probably the most preferred. If you somehow know my discord, discord DM is another viable option. I can also be found on Freenode under the nick incertia, whenever I remember to log into ZNC. If you have a serious offer and would like to poach me from Trail of Bits, we should definitely have a chat, although I suspect your offer will not be able to compete with my current package.

Some of my work at Trail of Bits has been published in the public domain. I will try to actively maintain a list on this page.

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I also hold an interest in offensive security. I have participated in events and gotten awards such as: Other hobbies include watching large amounts of anime, and playing CS:GO and Riichi Mahjong.
I am also a huge advocate of personal privacy and would like to urge users to protect their communications and data from certain multi-billion dollar agencies. When the citizens fear their government, actions must be taken to ensure power is not abused.

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