Avoiding Retardation With Epoll

So epoll is cool. Say you’ve written this cool piece of code that does

epoll_ctl(efd, EPOLL_CTL_ADD, fd, {EPOLLIN | EPOLLRDHUP | EPOLLET, fd})

on everything you care about and then you write another cool bit of code that does

epoll_event ev;
epoll_wait(efd, &ev, 1, -1);

int fd = ev.data.fd;
int trigger = ev.events;

if (trigger & EPOLLRDHUP) {
  printf("remote %d closed their connection\n", fd);
} else if (trigger & EPOLLIN) {
  printf("got data from %d\n", fd);
  // stuff

So then you write a test client which can send and disconnect and everything works so your code must be legendary right? Wrong. What if you opened a connection just to send a stream of bytes to just immediately close? If this happens fast enough, epoll will agregate the events into a single event where trigger & EPOLLIN && trigger & EPOLLRDHUP == true, and we only process the disconnect. So save yourself the trouble, process EPOLLRDHUP at the end and don’t use if else unless you only want to process events partially.

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